Garden Furniture Comparison


Garden Furniture Comparison

When choosing Garden Furniture or any form of Outdoor Furniture or Patio Furniture it is very important to choose the right Garden Furniture from the start.

Here at Oceans Outdoor Furniture we aim to not only advise you of the right choice of Garden Furniture but also to make sure the Garden Furniture you choose is right for your climate, setting and personal requirements.


PE Rattan
Clearly the market leading product for Garden Furniture in the world we live in today. An extremely hard wearing, durable and stylish product that will give years of long lasting service with little or no maintenance The product is totally weather resistant, will not fade and the Aluminium frame means it will not rust. The plastic resin weave is also UV resistant and will not fade in direct sunlight in addition it is also Frost resistant and comes impregnated with mould and mildew inhibitors.


Teak is a hardwood that comes from the tropics and is the better of the hardwood products available in the Garden Furniture market, however it does still need extensive maintenance and care during it's lifetime. Teak Outdoor Furniture will need regularly sanding and oiling to maintain it's finish and durability. All wooden Outdoor Furniture will need maintenance, wood is a living product and as such will need to be oiled and cared for to protect it against the harsh weather conditions we often endure in Spain. Teak is a wood that comes from and grows in the tropics and there is much controversy at the current time with the plundering of Rain Forests where Teak comes from.


Other Hardwoods
Other hard woods such as Acacia, Keruing, Red Balau and Yellow Balau are often used in the making of Garden Furniture, however these are much less durable than Teak and will need extensive sanding, oiling and general maintenance and must be stored during winter months to avoid cold and wet conditions. As with Teak Garden Furniture these hard woods come from Rain Forests, where the constant felling of timber is contributing to the ever present threat we face of global warming.


Texteline Garden Furniture is the cheaper end of the market product and has a much shorter life expectancy. Like all Outdoor Furniture or Patio Furniture differing levels of quality are widely available and this can affect the life expectancy. Made from an aluminium frame it will be rust proof but over time the Texteline is prone to breaking down particularly when exposed to direct sunlight.