Oceans Outdoor Furniture Spain New Monaco Range

Oceans Outdoor Furniture Spain New Monaco Range

Oceans Outdoor Furniture Spain 

As the warmer weather approaches in the Costa Calida and Costa del Sol, our excitement for outdoor gatherings increases.

Oceans, known for its commitment to quality and innovation in the outdoor furniture space is proud to show its latest addition: the Monaco Range. Crafted with attention to detail and designed to elevate your outdoor living experience, the Monaco Range introduces a fusion of luxury, functionality, and durability. 

Innovative Design, Effortless Functionality 

The Monaco Range is commitment to convenience without compromising on elegance. Take, for instance, the extending table, a standout piece that effortlessly transforms from 1.65 meters to 2.15 meters.

The innovative mechanism only needs one person to operate, making the whole process of adjusting the table to accommodate varying numbers of guests so much easier.  

Whether hosting an intimate gathering or a larger soirée, the Monaco extending table adapts seamlessly to your needs, making your outdoor areas very dynamic 

Unparalleled Durability and Style with Sintered Stone 

The Monaco Range showcases the superiority of sintered stone over traditional materials like glass, particularly in terms of durability and style.  

Sintered Stone is a composite material made for outdoor use it is extremely strength, making it resistant to scratches, stains, and extreme weather conditions making it the perfect option for any outdoor space.  

Beyond its resilience, Sintered Stone with a sleek finish that elevates the aesthetic of any outdoor space. Embrace durability without compromising on style with the Monaco Range's inclusion of Sintered Stone. 

Oceans has now Incorporated Sintered Stone Tops on their Round and Square Dining Sets, this coupled with the Aluminum Frame of the tables makes it perfect for any weather conditions.

Aluminium Outdoor Furniture - Advantages 

Aluminium Furniture is the top choice for garden furniture, including dining sets, sofa sets, bistro sets, and more. Its qualities make it a standout material for outdoor furniture, particularly in small spaces like balcony patios or gardens. The lightweight nature of aluminum furniture ensures ease of movement and rearrangement.  

Additionally, its resistance to corrosion and rust, akin to stainless steel garden furniture. This make it the ideal choice for all weather conditions  

The durability of an aluminium frame guarantees longevity, promising years of enjoyment and relaxation in your outdoor sanctuary.  

Luxurious Comfort with Quick-Dry Foam 

The Monaco Range's Luxury Lounger, featuring Quick-Dry Foam technology. Unlike traditional outdoor cushions that require constant vigilance against moisture and mildew, Quick-Dry Foam ensures hassle-free maintenance.  

Its advanced composition allows for rapid moisture evaporation, meaning you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about soggy cushions. With the Monaco Luxury Lounger, convenience and comfort converge for an unparalleled outdoor lounging experience. Along with its included weather cover you will not have to worry about the lounger no more when it is not in use.

Comprehensive Protection with Included Weather Covers 

Oceans understands the importance of preserving your investment in outdoor furniture. That's why every Sofa Set and the Luxury Loungers in the Monaco Range comes with a weather cover included. Shield your furniture from the elements, ensuring longevity and maintaining its pristine condition for years to come. With the Monaco Range, enjoy peace of mind knowing that comprehensive protection is part of the package. 

 Outdoor Living Experience with Oceans Outdoor Furniture Spain 

With the Monaco Range, Oceans continues to set the standard for outdoor luxury and innovation. From the seamlessly functional extending table to the enduring elegance of sintered stone, every element of the Monaco Range is designed to enhance your outdoor living space. Embrace durability, style, and comfort with the Monaco Range from Oceans, and elevate your outdoor gatherings and relaxation to new heights. 

Experience the Monaco Range for yourself and redefine outdoor living with Oceans. Visit our showroom in either Denia or San Javier or explore our website to discover the full collection and start envisioning your perfect outdoor oasis today.

If you have an questions or want to see the furniture in person then please do click to see the directions to the San Javier and Denia store.


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